Reviews - Susie Hall Mathews Real Estate Photography

"Susie totally "got it" and found exactly the house we were looking for. She knew the market well, did a good job negotiating the deal and took care of all the details leading to the closing. She made the whole process as painless as buying a house can be."

"We are so very thankful to have had Susie as our realtor when purchasing our home. She did an amazing job of helping the process go smoothly from the beginning of the process to closing day. She was very reliable and in constant communication with us throughout each step. We were very comfortable with Susie's knowledge of the process and trusted and appreciated her professionalism. We do not plan on moving for a long time as we love our new home but if we did, we would definitely be calling Susie to sell our house! Many thanks to Susie for everything she did to assist us with buying our home!"

"Thank you for your awesome pictures & hard work, especially coordinating repairs. We are so glad we could work with you!"    

"Thanks so much for all your help throughout this process. Selling and buying a house is a long and tough process and we really appreciate having a person like you to help us get it all done!"